National Naval Aviation Museum F-14D 1680 x 1050 Widescreen Wallpaper

Over the weekend my wife and I traveled to Pensacola, Florida to visit my in-laws. While there, we all visited the National Naval Aviation Museum located at Pensacola Naval Air Station.

The museum is one of the finest in the United States and as the name says, it focuses on Naval aviation.

The aircraft in the museum are top-notch restorations and the exhibits are breathtaking. If you love aircraft, you have to put this on your list of must-see museums.
This first picture of the F-14D is today's widescreen wallpaper. This baby still had her GE engines and was in excellent shape.

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In one section of the museum they have a four-ship of Blue Angel A-4s in the diamond formation. It's great to stand on the bottom floor and look up at these beautiful aircraft.

The next picture is of me sitting in a Blue Angel F-4 Phantom. They have a lot of aircraft cockpits you can jump into. I sat myself in an F-4, A-7, and F-14. You could spend hours here and the amazing part is that admission is FREE!

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  1. Nice to see the face of the person who is uploading all this beautiful wallpapers! By the way, too bad they didn't give you the keys of that F-4 to take it for a spin uh ;) Thanks for the wallpapers!