Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) airshow 2008 report

Hello, Here's Pieter from Belgium back. last saturday I went to the Leeuwarden airshow with my friends. I must say I'm impressed. The most spectacular show was the base attack. The aircraft that participated were 10 x F-16A MLU, 1 x KDC-10 tanker, 2x AH-64 Apache, 2x CH-47 Chinook and 2x AS 532U2 Cougar MkII. Really amazing!!!

Oke Here are some pictures:

Other aircraft that were demonstrated:
Eurofighter, F16, F15, F18, Mig 29, Tornado, P-140 Auora, B-25, NH-90, Alouette III, CH-47, SAR Seaking, UH-1, Hawker Hunter T-8C, F-4E, BAe Harrier GR7/9, KDC-10,...

I have about 500 pictures and 30 min of video footage.

If you want a wallpaper of one of the previous aircraft. You ask, I'll post!


  1. can we get a link to the folder you have them in?

  2. I'll post the pictures here when requested. I don't have the time to upload 500 pictures...

    But thanks for the interest