Friday Video: The YF-23 and Test Pilot Comments

I worked at Northrop during the time the ATF competition was in full swing. I remember watching the videos and getting the promo materials on the YF-23. Today's video is all about the YF-23 with commentary by test pilot Paul Metz.

When I look at the YF-23, it reminds me of the SR-71. I wanted it to win the competition but it lost out to the YF-22, which we know today as the F/A-22 Raptor. In the end, the F/A-22 is an incredible plane, but I still wish some F-23s would have been built.


  1. The comments made by pilots about the planes they fly, you just gotta love it. If you have more of these, don't hesitate to put em up here :) Doing a great job Thomas, as always :)

  2. Yeah, gorgeous airplane. We'd have had a winner either way, honestly, but I can't help but wonder how flights of F-23s would have looked.