F18 Super Hornet Over Carrier 1680 x 1050 Widescreen Wallpaper

Hope everyone had a good holiday and lots of great food (I know I did). Today's desktop wallpaper is an F-18F Super Hornet flying over an aircraft carrier. The hook down is a nice touch...


  1. FYI, any time a Navy jet is over water, they fly with the hook down. It's a safety measure - keeping the hook down assures it'll be down when they land.

  2. Always fly with the hook down over water? You sure about that man, I've never heard that anywhere and I've also seen plenty of shots of jets over the sea with the hook up.. Seems like it'd be a liability if it's lowered all the time, plus they'll either divert to a land airfield or take the barricade if they're too far from shore if the hook won't lower. That's taken from the F-14D NATOPS manual.