Pair of Belgian F-16s in Formation 1680 x 1050 Widescreen Wallpaper

Beautiful pair of Dutch F-16's flying in formation. Great shot.

(edit-- thanks all for the comments. Being American, I'm not always familiar with the markings of other European countries. I've correct my comment above.)


  1. That would be a pair of Dutch Vipers of course! Great pic of the Rnlaf!

  2. That would be a pair of two Dutch Vipers! Great shot of the RNLAF in action!

  3. Hi,

    I'm sorry, but the F-16's are not Belgian. The roundel indicates that they are F-16's of the Royal Dutch Airforce.


  4. Hi,

    Sorry, these are dutch F-16's, not belgian ;-)
    Tailnumber of the left one: J-616 ( Right one i can't see.

    But, offcourse beautifull photograh ;-)!

  5. Beautiful picture, but these F-16 are not Belgian...

  6. Hi,

    This picture looks like a mistery to me. The insignas worn by the planes are definetly not belgian but are the ones of Czech Republic. However I cannot find any trace of F-16 belonging to that country. It was in the competition for their new figher, but the Gripen was chosen instead. Is this some kind of promotional picture made for that competition?

    By the way, thanks for these awesome pictures.


  7. Are you sure that those are belgian? The air force markings resemble those from Czech Air Force, though I'm not sure if they operate the Viper...

  8. Looking on the marks on the wings it rather lokks like F-16s from the Neterlands then Belgium, as the colurs of the Neatherlands are red white and blue and the ones from Belgium red yellow and black